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15-Oct-2019 06:26

Besides, you can contact your ISP if you have a slow Internet.

If you find your i Phone i Pad needs a long time to load a webpage, download an App when connecting to Wi-Fi, this means your Wi-Fi network is slow.

If the size of your backup content is way more than 5GB, then you need to pay for more storage.

Turn off the backup for those non-essential data types and select only what you need to back up.I believe my situation is not rare and may happen to most i Device users.If you are stuck on the i Cloud backing up problem, like i Cloud storage is not enough or i Cloud backup takes forever, and you all have one thing in common – Photos & Camera takes too much space on your i Phone, at this moment you can consider backing up your photos to the computer with a third-party tool. You can back up i Phone i Pad photos to computer with many Windows or Mac built-in Applications, but all of them only support transferring Camera Roll photos.Just for me, I am working with a 16 GB i Phone 6, but the Photos & Camera takes about 2GB storage.

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If I make an i Cloud backup, no doubt, the Photos & Camera will eat up almost half of the free i Cloud storage, and it also takes me a long time to make a whole i Cloud backup.Now we will show you six tips that may help you speed up slow i Cloud backup.