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27-Dec-2019 15:36

So, I’m wishing every one a Happy QUALITY Valentine’s Day–in whichever way love is expressed to you that pleases you!

Many people will criticize the commercializing of love like this, but the gift of love can be and should be celebrated in ways to express love, and sometimes it’s not a genuine expression.

She breathed life back into this old man with a sigh for five.

Most daters on mainstream sites like OKCupid, Tinder and are white.

We talked and met for Dinner at Cocos in Dayton, Ohio.

Afterwards we enjoyed a festival at the Riverfront park.

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Traditionally speaking, I never did care for online dating sites but I perused Black Planet for a few years in the early 2000's, friended a few up and coming performing artists, rap, male and female, singers, long before Stern's AGT, and also pm'd a few possible mates (is that what they are? Never found one possible match, lots of scams though, and there weren't any useful dating sites I found, although I’ve heard wonderful stories about how easy it all is, soul partners living 100 blissful years in country homes and smiling kids, but. the only White~guy catching the last Oak Sq.(limited)Dudley Sta.It draws him close to me, no matter how many miles we are apart. I would never wear a ring of any price from a non-quality man or one I didn’t cherish because I would get no joy from it. If we live long enough, we’re ALL going to get older, and many of us will acquire a few physical, emotional, financial, etc.