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Also, my Aunty Donna, Uncle Craig and Aunty Gwyn who never failed to entertain me in some way or another when they visited. I didn’t really think of it as something that would help me but weirdly enough writing things down was pretty soothing when I was feeling a little rubbish.With gaining a diagnosis I lost a lot of friends and even became distant form some family members as my struggles highlighted those who were loyal to me even when they gained nothing from it.Next question, please It’s not something we can stop, control or tell you the length of, a flare can last between a few days and a few months, they can be short lived or reoccurring and they vary in seriousness for each and every person and each and every episode.It’s not predictable There will be good and bad days and pain may come and go within a matter of minutes – this doesn’t mean it isn’t real, whilst we do understand that in general illnesses have a pattern of being bad and then getting better linearly as per normal our illness is weird.

BUT, I am stronger than ever and I will keep going. I’ve decided only to write about the three main hospital admissions I’ve had otherwise this would take forever.I had several hospital admissions for steroid therapy and investigative work in between each listed below. I was unable to work for nearly two years due to my unreliable health and the fatigue I suffered with.January 16th 2016: I saw my consultant on this day. I already knew because I had lived googling it for months and had self diagnosed.I had panic attacks quite frequently in the two years after I was diagnosed but they’ve slowly settled as I have learned and accept the way my body works (or doesn’t).

The physical side of Crohns is almost the easy part for me, it is the affect it has had on my confidence and self worth that I struggle with almost constantly.

It’s so bloody painful imagine the worst period pain in the world times by a trillion or more graphically someone scraping your insides out with a spoon like you’re an avocado.

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