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Milfs and cougars, hot older women / younger guy stories are what we serve up in here for you. Pressing the button, Drew hears the ring and braces for a full-on panic attack. I wanted her to feel the instrument that would soon be punishing her. He wanted to be with his high school buddies at the swimming hole.A few moments later, the doorknob turns and the door opens to show Carol Crest standing in front of him. I let her get used to it and as soon as she was comfortable and enjoying its touch, I raised it up and brought it down hard on her ass cheek. Yes, he thought it was horrible that his father’s co-worker died in that accident, but he only met the guy and his wife once.It was a hot summer’s afternoon and she felt sorry that he had been working in the heat of the day whilst she had been at lunch with friends.She did her best to sound interested but honestly,...I must admit that side jobs are a huge turn on for me.I do so love to be fucked and get off on the fact that men pay to fuck me.Along the same lines as the "hot older woman" story genre, our Milf Stories section also includes "Cougars", who may not necessarily be Moms at all. Read On Added: | Category: MILF | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,446 | Tags: seduction masturbation | 1 Comment Tommy and Carol's relationship continued and they got a present that Christmas! Read On Added: | Category: MILF | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,040 | Tags: milf neighbor spanking anal sex pregnant baby | 16 Comments First feeling and then seeing his young large cock, stirred up feelings she's been missing.The slang word "Cougar" may be defined as a woman over 40 who sexually pursues younger men, typically more than ten years her junior. All the anxiety and hesitation in his body focuses on his fingertip as it inches closer to the doorbell. I picked up the hairbrush and rubbed the back of it over her ass to get it coated with oil as well. Brad sat on the couch, angry that he had to be here at this wake.

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As he explained his work, pointing to various points under the eaves, Jennifer followed Michael, the electrician who had just installed a set of security sensor lights around the outside of her house.

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