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11-Dec-2019 21:37

(Her predecessor, Mark Richards, is an author on the paper.) “This university is filled with programs trying to help minorities and women in STEM fields,” she says.

“We have to focus in on what actually helps, and this [study] gives us a starting point.” The authors also found that minority students were less likely to be encouraged to publish by faculty members in their department, according to graduate student exit surveys dating back to 1998.

Speed reading is useless if you’re bringing a frazzled and fatigued mind to the table. Carve out time for regular snacks (not sugar highs, the good stuff: nuts, seeds, etc) and hydration to up the quality of your speed readathons.

It’s one thing referring to your theme chart and quotation list at 5pm, when you’ve got reams of time and you’re serenely sipping your chamomile tea.

Dream Figures See their presentations here and here.

Past APSSC President Kelli Vaughn-Blount leads the Students Teaching Students panel.

One of the best ways to squeeze as much juice as possible out of your already stretched reading schedule. Instead of manically tearing through at 3am, trying to create a mosaic of motifs relating to female sexuality, you can coolly refer to your eternal life saver, the theme chart, where you have neatly listed any instances of Freudian vibes.

Speed reading is all about having a plan of action, similar to an All You Can Eat buffet. On top of this quote avalanche, you’re probably working on that seminar presentation. So a really nifty speed reading trick is to note down useful page numbers as you go, from which you can later quote. I don’t care what Hollywood movies about succeeding against the odds tell us.

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Giving your mind a break from relentless blobs of text will make it sharper and more efficient when you return your nose to the book.

That’s according to a survey of students in various physical sciences and engineering disciplines at the University of California (UC), Berkeley, one of the nation’s largest producers of doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

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