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Training your live chat team to use the scripts will help you provide more consistent and more professional service more easily than you can imagine. Starting on the right foot with a customer sets the stage for a positive chat, while a curt or unenthused greeting can put a client on edge.We all know the power of a great first impression, so use the scripts below to treat each new chat greeting like a real-life introduction. After all, your job is to help a customer and to be as positive as you can be, right?Wind down the conversation with these scripts ideas.

Whether you’re offering general assistance or pointing them in the direction of specific sales, you want to bring the most value to the forefront of your service.

Handle your information requests professionally with the following scripts, and customers will know they’re in good hands.

Asking for general information Sometimes requesting a screen share is the best way to assist a customer.

However, *agent name* specializes in this type of situation and would be happy to speak with you.

Is it okay with you if I transfer you to *agent name*? But as a customer support agent, you know that there are times when this is unavoidable, and making someone wait is crucial to delivering a quality solution.It’s a constant challenge to strike a balance between helpfulness and efficiency when you have so many customers to assist.