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You can learn more about: There is no minimum credit score needed to apply for most loans or credit cards.However, you are less likely to qualify for a loan or credit card and less likely to receive favorable rates when your credit score is low.With responsible usage, a parent cosigning a credit card (or adding you as an authorized user to one of their accounts) is a great way to help establish a positive credit history.For others, the best way to establish credit may be to work with your bank or credit union to open an account with a small credit limit to get you started.Credit scores are not included with credit reports.Additionally, credit scores are not stored as part of your credit history.Since your credit scores use information drawn from your credit report, your credit activity provides a continually-updated basis of data about how responsible you are with the credit you're currently using.At Experian, we provide information that can help you see your credit in new ways and take control of your financial future.

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Rather, your score is generated each time a lender requests it, according to the credit scoring model of their choice.

Credit scores are decision-making tools that lenders use to help them anticipate how likely you are to repay your loan on time.