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18-Aug-2020 08:04

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Sadly, it is not true and like any other human being, your ex continues with his/her life and may have found someone. Of course, but once you realize that it is your ego and not your heart that is suffering, it will all be much easier to bear.The faster you realize the reality, the easier it will be handle seeing your ex boyfriend or girlfriend dating someone else.You may have suspected it for some time, but today you have seen it with your own eyes and you have not been able to deny reality any longer.Your ex is with another person and you feel in a state of total confusion.It is the occasion to convince you that if that person took so little time to forget you, it is because your ex never meant anything serious about you.Thus, you have won because if you it was the end of suffering and find someone who loves you.The best solution is to keep your mind occupied, and for this you have to start new activities and relationships.The best antidote to the past is to look to the future, so try to make your social life more active and try to meet new people.

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How to face the moment you find out that your ex is with someone else?

The first idea that comes to mind is that we want to know who that person is and what your ex-partner may have seen in him/her.