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Most of the film is shot in widescreen 35MM, as if to emphasize how small these characters are set against the bleak landscape of this town.

We are watching them from a distance, just observers, taking it all in and allowing us to slowly invest ourselves in these people.

The last portion of the film uses hand-held 16MM, as the four separate story lines come together towards the climax of the film.

Now we are there, with them, because now that we know them we are allowed into their world.

If it sounds sad, well, where there's pity there's sympathy. And that cuts to the heart of what makes this film what it is -- this brilliant young cast does what good actors are supposed to do -- they make these characters real.

And where there's sympathy there's comfort. You never get the feeling that this is scripted, or has been rehearsed -- and the camera similarly stays out of the way.

Jimmy has gambling debts and sees a chance to steal and sell a dead-man's stash of drugs. Jessica, who is babysitting, abandons her charge to seek someone to defend her from a boyfriend angry that he's caught an STD.

The woman, SARAH CAUL, is thrown into an action filled construct ...

I learnt to cook, tried culinary experiments, and discovered new food and drink. In the near-absence of civilization I discovered writing and rediscovered reading. The solitude of the undistracted 6 hour drive on smooth open roads was a great pick-me-up.

There were unexpected possibilities of seeing other parts of Kerala and of getting to write about them.

And when the drama doesn't exist without, you create it from within.

Nature abhors a vacuum, so these young people fill the void by creating their own conflicts, because it's so much easier to be discontent than not.

There are 4 stories which proceed independently of each other, occasionally passing off the baton from one to the next, but eventually all coming together.

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