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05-Jun-2020 12:31

As we said, it is natural for you to have some doubts right now, and this is true even though you and your fiance seem to us to be very right together.

Believe us, most people ask themselves, "Is s/he really the right one for me?

I accept him for who he is, and I would rather he be himself than someone else.

I thought it was good that we spent so much time together in order to become closer emotionally, but maybe it was too stifling.

We understand that at times you think that you may be missing something because you never felt "so obsessed" about your fiance.

This is a fictitious ideal foisted upon us by popular culture that makes us think that every relationship has to have "sparks." The reason this is fictitious is that many of the best marriages result from feelings that develop gradually, as a courtship progresses.

There's another reason why you are feeling the way you do.

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Many of our readers ask if there is a "test" to see if the person they are dating is really right for them.In addition, most people overlook the fact that after the post-wedding week ends, a married couple does not spend all of their time together.