Endometrium dating

12-Jun-2020 22:29

Patients were well informed regarding the procedure and were asked to prevent conception in the cycle.All patients ovulated and the procedure was carried out on days 7–9 after ovulation; basal body temperature (BBT) was monitored and/or the collapse of developing follicles documented by transvaginal ultrasound.After completion of the examination, endometrial biopsy was performed in 32 patients who agreed to the procedure. The specimens biopsied in 32 patients were submitted to conventional light microscopic examination to compare the observed hysteroscopic findings with histology of the endometrium.

Lidocaine is not thought to have vaso-constrictive or dilative effects.

A total of 172 patients who underwent hysteroscopic assessment of the endometrium and then became pregnant, was analysed retrospectively to explore the relationship between endoscopic findings and early phase pregnancy outcome after implantation.

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