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In these products of the finest workmanship, purity of line, plastic strength, and a flawless polish produce a harmonious, solid effect.A Chinese house requires less furniture than a Western house.The tatami utilized only natural patterns for decoration, although they often were bound in cloth.

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The second Indo-Portuguese style, sometimes called Goanese (though in fact more probably made on the Malabar coast, south of Goa), is more stereotyped in form and in decoration.Instead, the interior architecture of the house, with the garden as its focal point, served the aesthetic and social requirements that furniture has served in many societies.The chief requirement for the few forms that were developed was that they be easily movable.tatami covered the floors and were used for sitting.Dressing tables and writing tables were specialized forms that evolved from the simple table.

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The folding screen was an indispensable adjunct to the other furnishings as it could be moved to change the entire aspect of the room.

Correspondingly, the types of furniture are fewer, being limited mainly to wardrobes, chests, tables both high and low of all types and shapes (altar and couch tables, for example), stools, beds (sometimes testered with curtains), screens and stools for use by the bed, and chairs..