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28-Oct-2020 11:25

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Some of the screen shots may seem a bit out-datedat the moment, I am working to correct them but they will serve the purpose intended for the time being.

Another possibility is the site may have a different IP associated with your account than the one you sent the "event=stopped" message with.

In simple term Ratio faker intercepts communication between your bittorrent client and tracker announcement server and modifies your upload value to random preset value as soon as announcement is made.

For e.g When u Torrent reports 1.2 MB uploaded, Ratio faker will modify this value and announces as 2.45 MB.1.

It’s not easier to manually fake trading ratio but with help of readymade tool like Ratio Faker you can easily boost your Bittorrent upload Ratio.

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Ratio Faker is small utility which lets you to generate a random upload value in every announcement, like in a real bittorrent transfer scenario.

Whatever the problem may be, be sure to give it some time.