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11-Jul-2020 05:42

A very large high-back spool chair made about 1900-10 recently sold for 0. Was Coors pottery made by the same company that makes Coors beer? In 1920 the name of the pottery was changed to Coors Porcelain Co.

A: Coors pottery was made by Coors Porcelain Co., not the brewery, but there is a connection between the two companies. Ovenware and tableware was made until 1980, and custom orders were made after that.

All of the pieces fit inside the cooking pot and cover and are held together with a screw handle.

The kit originally came in a green plaid carrying case labeled with the Girl Scout insignia.

A lapel pin may be a badge or company insignia, or it may be just a piece of jewelry. A: Girl Scout collectors search for anything pertaining to the Girl Scouts.

Their rule was “waste not, want not,” so it’s not surprising that the bare wooden spools left after thread was used seemed too practical to ignore. Our ancestors reused bits of cloth for quilts, made clothing out of flour bags and used old cigar boxes to make chip-carved picture frames and boxes.

A lathe developed about 1815 made turnings that were probably cut apart to use as wooden spools for thread.

Until about 1900, uncut turnings were used to make spool furniture.

It’s blue and yellow with a white image of the Morton “Umbrella Girl” and the words “Morton Free Running Salt, When It Rains It Pours.” It also says “Never Cakes or Hardens” at the top and “Morton Salt Co., Chicago” at the bottom.

The thermometer measures degrees from 40 below 0 to 120 degrees above.But another type of spool furniture was made from the empty thread spools that were saved by sewers.

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