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04-Nov-2020 20:02

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In order to make its points, the film has to stretch credibility.Claudia Karvan and Guy Pearce are so diametrically opposed as characters from the outset – and the script even openly acknowledges this – that you wonder what it is they see in one another and what keeps them together.He hovered centimeters away, his eyes still locked on hers. But before she could think of a suitably cutting retort the driver opened the door.His face turned into a blank mask as he sat up straight. She slid out of the car, gulping the fresh, non-Nick-scented air to clear her head.Its best moments are the sharply observed reversals on office politics – the man in the woman’s body trying to call for someone to bring her coffee, contrasted with the woman in the man’s body asking if he can get coffee for everybody and getting strange looks.

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“But there’s really only one thing you need to know.” Jessie swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry. ” “You’re going to be the most beautiful woman in the room.” That was so far away from what she’d expected to hear she wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly. He bent his head down toward hers and her pulse jumped in response.

Tash had been wishing Brett could be in her shoes, see things her way. But in the process, she is landed with his body..his job as a host on a tv music show, and his everything.