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24-Aug-2020 20:25

The good news is there are plenty of godly and deeply spiritual seniors in our churches. Some seniors can be as cantankerous and demanding as any four-year-old in the church nursery.Their faithfulness goes a long way toward keeping the ministers from quitting and walking away in discouragement. One of our older deacons once stood in a business meeting to recommend that since money was tight and the seniors did not actually need a bus for their trips, that we close that budget item.

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Later, when she joined a Southern Baptist church, the pastor informed her she would need to receive immersion.

Then, from time to time, to the larger group present the gospel with an invitation to repent and invite Jesus into their lives.

When I was pastoring, we planned a Sunday event around baptism.

The quickest way to see that is to introduce a change they don’t want.

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In the late 1990s, the church I was pastoring was making a concerted effort to reach the hundreds of young families moving into our area.

(Or anyone else, for that matter.) 2) Your ministries to younger, vital seniors will be completely different from the elderly immobile seniors.