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14-Mar-2020 00:39

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It refers to engaging intuition, creativity and capacity to work with diversity fluently.

The mark of the kind of leader that can use a disruptive event to advantage, such as global economic collapse, is one who: Leaders will have integrated these concepts when the lens of reality includes those who have a different form of intelligence, who perceive the world differently, and when compassion prevails over judgment, when cooperation and collaboration are default ways of working together especially when the going gets rough.

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Each condition applies equally to personal, professional, organizational and planetary life. Uncertainty demands internally based security and trust.

Complexity requires ability to perceive the whole, to navigate using intuition over analysis.

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Rather than throwing money at the problem, they provided management expertise, volunteering help and equipment to help the community help themselves.IBM’s 2010 global study of CEOs, “Capitalizing on Complexity”, noted that there is “an unprecedented level of interconnection and interdependency,” underpinning “a rapid escalation of complexity”. The new operating conditions for business (and life) ?dubbed as VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) by the US Army War College – also describes the planet’s evolutionary stage as a complex, mature ecosystem.Latersave this content information dating site scammer on your device by third, party social media.

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