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04-Nov-2020 15:02

To give your potential matches a better picture of what you really look like, I recommend including at least one full body shot of you.You told your potential matches what you enjoyed doing in your free time, so now it’s time to post some pictures of you doing those things!Do you honestly want your potential match to say that the first photo they saw of you was the one where you were standing with your arms around a person of the opposite sex?It may simply be a friendly photo, but an online dating site just isn’t place for it.

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The Embarrassing Photo Some things are just better left buried.The “I’m at a Party” Photo If all of your photos are of you at a party, then that’s a problem.First of all, your potential match doesn’t want to get the feeling that you are a constant partier. It’s okay to have one photo with a bunch of friends in there, but make sure you look classy rather than trashy.There are just certain things that shouldn’t be shown on your online dating profile, at least not if you want to connect with someone who is going to be worth your time.

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If you have been struggling to get a date and you think your biography is well-written and your messages have been on-point, then maybe your photos need a little work.Even with the perfect biography, you won’t get many viewers if you don’t have the right photos posted.