Dating men with motorcycles

23-Nov-2020 03:02

You'll soon make loads of friends and may even meet that special someone in the process - Bonus!

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In this article we’ll talk about the hidden benefits of dating a biker – the ones that aren’t so obvious, but, man, do they make a change. When a guy owns a motorcycle it’s like instant attraction points added: bikers are perceived as rebellious, sexy, powerful, but at the same time they’re socially acceptable and they’re very, very desirable as such.

In fact, has done a survey that found out a very interesting fact: the word “motorcycle” was the second most frequently used search term by women who search through dating profiles!

Because that’s the path to more arguments than you ever dreamed you could fit into an average week.

It really helps if you don’t see the motorcycle as The Enemy. You know, I’ve noticed that you have more photos of your bike than of me… It can be a source of shared joy, not a topic for another argument.

You might want to have a bag packed and a plane ticket booked before you do…

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