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25-Dec-2019 22:44

Kerkennah is a group of islands lying off the east coast of Tunisia in the Gulf of Gabès, around 20km away from the mainland city of Sfax.This is what Kerkennis call charfia, a centuries-old traditional fishing method that was ingeniously designed to lure fish into a capture chamber where they are later recovered.

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However, it seemed less likely that he was there to address the fisherman’s grievances than to protect the interests of the oil industry, by helping to avoid escalation and a radicalisation of protests.

I found myself wondering if the purpose of the delegation's visit was the same as mine.

Were they also there to investigate the now two-month-long labour mobilisation around Petrofac?

These communities suffer from an extractivist model of development synonymous with resource pillaging and environmental degradation.

This situation cannot be dissociated from the current context of disenchantment due to ongoing counter-revolutionary efforts taking place in Tunisia, which are aimed at maintaining the status quo, depoliticising society and putting the brakes on the potential radicalisation of demands from below.

There was indeed a protest taking place – but by fishermen, not the unemployed graduates we were looking for.