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Most forums provide an option for the forum owner to customize the look and feel.Some forums also allow the administrator to create multiple styles or themes, and allow the user to choose which one they wish to view.It highlights major features that the manager of a forum might want and should expect to be commonly available in different forum software.These comparisons do not include remotely hosted services which use their own proprietary software, rather than offering a package for download which webmasters can host by themselves.But i never found serious analysis and maybe the best set up for black : 1.e4 (or 1.g3 or Nf3) c5 2. Hi all, I was looking for some book recommendations showing how to play the dutch vs the Reti or English.I do not mind the system (Lenengrad, Classical, etc...) as black. I've been bashing around with a variety of ways of getting to a fairly standard position for White: pawns on b3, c4, d4, & e3; knights on f3 & c3; bishops on b2 & e2; queen on c2, etc. I now see on Forward Chess that The Elshad System for White, by I. I have looked at a couple of chapters, it engages a good deal (so far) with the Cummings book, which I like a great deal. Hi all, I know I saw this line in a book or video somewhere.Anyone can post events, meets, gatherings, here, as long as the info is good! The most members ever online was 9 on 04/05/16 at .

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I read that the system should consist of the moves 1. I mean, allowing 1...e5, so no Reti as White, and no King's Indian Attack, but some sort of reversed Pirc or reversed Moder... One of my friends plays g4 against me now and then and wanted something fu...

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Well let's give them the spotlight in a video compilation then. … continue reading »

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Darryl is the oldest of three brothers known as the The River Boys, a "bad-boy surf gang with dodgy reputations." When asked if anything had surprised him about his character, Peacocke said "Not really – I've learnt a lot from playing the character, though.… continue reading »

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