Dating childhood friend

12-Mar-2020 04:24

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The moment anybody tries to pull down your dignity or make you feel miserable for no fault of yours, they are their to break their faces : D13.

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I kiss back but soon I push him back "Kakashi I need to ask you a question" "What is it? All is remember is hanging out in my room making out?"Umm I have check around and you are pregnant" "NUUUU" I yell at the doctor "Well I think I'll leave you to be" The girl women Doctor leaves the room "Come on (name) you know it's not that bad having a family together..." "What?" I say confused "Well you know sooner or later we were going to have to have a family" "Yeah I guess your right but I'm going to look fat..." "It's ok as long as people know your pregnant than its fine" "Yeah yeah" I smile and kiss his cheek again "Aww come on you keep on kissing me on the check maybe on the lips?Chapter 7=========== No ones POV Kakashi and (name) finally pulled away from a kiss. " He chuckles "Yeah of course" Kakashi then kiss (name's) cheek and got off of the hospital bed--- Later everyday until I would get healed Kakashi would go to (name's) room to visit her.

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Days passed by and finally they told everyone that they were dating (Name) POV I wake up from bed and I see Kakashi in my bed next to me without a shirt!!!

They treasure you a lot, for you were the most admired in their early life.8.

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