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If you are looking for Glamour, Gadgets and Grissom you won't find them here.Forget what you think you know about 'Forensics', these are the tales of one man and his brush.Of course these views do not represent the views of any Police Force or indeed reflect any Force Policies ya da ya.I always get asked how I got into this Job, the short answer is 'Luck! I was working in the Admin department down my Local Station a year or so after the force started 'Civilianising' SOCO posts.So for all those wannabe CSIs, here are some tips that I genuinely believe will help.1.Do a college or degree course if you can, but don't think for a moment this will allow you to waltz into any job.Most Senior SOCOs/CSI's are likely not to have these qualifications and may even frown on them or indeed feel threatened.Prepare to be open minded and not full of stuff you learned in a classroom.2.

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Nowadays it not so easy to get into, what with it suddenly being a popular job and that some Universities and colleges now run degrees/courses.

I just started reading this interesting memoir of Genghis Khan.

I am only about 20 pages into it, but for some reason it has started sparking insights about the ways in which a history-changing khan thinks differently from someone like me.

A background in the Forensic Field is not always necessary, nor is a degree or even A levels (in some forces).

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Previous work in the Public sector or dealing empathetically with the public will help.But at the same time, he was highly supportive of teachers and doctors and craftsmen, to the extent that he did not even tax them!

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