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Whether or not she is going to respond sexually to your boob-related sex tricks depends entirely on the woman, since nipple sensitivity strongly varies from lady to lady.

However, one great sex trick to get a woman hot and bothered is to take her entire nipple into your mouth and gently swirl your tongue around it.

This keeps your tongue moving, feels amazing for her, and gives you something to do.

[Read: 8 tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro] #3 The magic of the clit Yes, she knows you are an absolute master with your cock, but she’s probably much more into clit-play than dick-play, to be honest.

Learning how to properly touch a woman will add some much needed, much sought-after sex tricks into your repertoire that’ll definitely have her coming back for more.

Women really do gather up their trusted girlfriends and reveal the innermost workings of their sex lives, for better or worse.

Kiss your way down her body until you’re in between her legs, and lick the inner thighs, kiss them, and gently bite her skin.

Feeling your breath touching everywhere except for her vagina will drive her crazy with desire.

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Avoid porn-inspired, light-speed rubbing back and forth of the clit, unless you want to give her giant welts on her privates!Her nipples getting hard against the air can be a total turn-on for both of you! The “push and swirl.” Some men have taken it upon themselves to press breasts down and swirl them in circles. Some common female erogenous zones include: Her neck. Gently licking, breathing on, and kissing the neck during foreplay or intercourse will throw your girlfriend into absolute ecstasy.

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