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22-May-2020 11:18

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I’m not talking about dating; I’m talking about how it feels to be a woman who’s been through a divorce and really, really let yourself be vulnerable and open to finding love again. I thought I was ready, but then I had second thoughts.Those thoughts have run through my mind constantly since meeting him, but I can’t do it — I don’t know how to be anyone other than a woman who found out her husband was having an affair after 10 years of marriage. Because whenever I tell her to let go, whenever I scream, “Fuck off and let me move on” in her face, she won’t fuck off and leave. I don’t know how to let go of the insecurities I feel about the fact my marriage ended in divorce.I know all the women I’ve been before are probably here to stay, but this scared woman has to leave — she needs to go now.

(I stay far away from men in the immediate aftermath of a breakup following any long-term relationship, divorce or not.

There are those of us who try to sabotage a healthy relationship before the person leaves us.

Since my divorce, I have become one of those women.

A kind of love that’s not perfect, even though you want it to be and every moment it’s not you think, Sometimes we get really comfortable being uncomfortable so we twist and turn things so they don’t work in our favor because that’s what we are used to.

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A divorce can break you, and once you start to heal from that hurt you feel fresh and new, but you constantly wonder when that feeling is going to slip away because it always has before.

And that means not shutting out all the pieces that made me who I am today.

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