Dating a sickle cell patient

15-Sep-2019 14:31

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So you have to be more cautious, prayerful and knowledgeable about this condition if this is the case.

I know many people with sickle cell that have children that do not have sickle cell disease.

I’ve been getting alot of questions regarding this lately, I guess because it’s the season of love and new relationships.

To respond to this question, you have to remember that people with sickle cell are people first.

This way, you have a general idea of what you are stepping into before one gets too involved. You can get tested at your doctor’s office, and know what your phenotype is.

If you are AA, then you have no chance of passing on the sickle cell disease if you do have a child with someone that has sickle cell disease.

This means that you are a carrier of the trait of sickle cell, and that you have the potential to pass the full blown disease on to your children if you mate with a sickle cell warrior (SS).

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Moreover, there are some people with sickle disease who do not have children with the sickle cell disease, while there are others who do have children with the sickle cell disease.To me, it just means that when you find the right person, nothing can shake that love. Individuals living with Sickle Cell should be treated with love, care, and patience.This applies to every human, and just because we have sickle cell does not exclude one from this paradigm.

I will acknowledge that dating and being in a relationship with someone that has a complex medical condition can be challenging, but it is DOABLE.

We have emotions, feelings, dreams, hopes and desires.

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