Consolidating student loans after

22-Oct-2019 04:56

If both your names are on the loans, things become a bit more complicated.

Some couples refinance or consolidate their separate student loans into one during their marriage.

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The bottom line with student loan debt is: Even if your ex agrees to help pay off your student loans, you need to double check that they’re making payments.Whoever has their name attached to the loan is the one who will suffer if any payments are missed. “Let’s say you agree to some arrangement and it’s part of your divorce decree,” Accredited Investment Fiduciary Charles C. “That’s great, but the lender doesn’t have to abide by it.You signed the loan contract so you are the one they expect the payment from – and the one they will go after if payments are late or missed altogether.When most people take on student loans, they don’t tend to factor divorce into their repayment plan.

It’s hard to imagine getting divorced when you’re that you’re young and getting student loans – and harder to imagine it happening before you pay off your student loans. But like it or not, plenty of people get divorced every year while still paying back student loans.BND has two refinancing options based on your state of residence and borrowing history.