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06-Dec-2020 08:12

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Kenneth Bi shoots Girl$ with copious style and plenty of flash.The film moves with a strong, energetic rhythm, and Bi's editing is sharp.Icy lines up clients with girls for paid dates, she does this mainly to support her loser boyfriend.The young well-off Ronnie desires for excitement out of her bored life, she becomes the IT girl among the internet "dating" forums.She doesn't feel right about taking the cash though, and will actually pay her clients instead.Taiwan import Lin (Una Lin) does it for the money, but she enjoys it too, rating the guys in her little black book while also possibly falling for one of her regular johns (Eric Tse of EO2).

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They are too naive to feel the danger within, until one of their "workmates" suddenly disappears after a job one day' what comes next is even worst - rumours say that one of their clients is infected with HIV...

Still, provided one doesn't look too closely at the sexual or gender politics involved, there's enough in Girl$ to entertain.