College dating guidelines

30-Aug-2020 19:53

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While intoxicated with alcohol, the mind does not work or interpret as it would sober, which can easily lead to trouble.

However, when or if these horrid crimes arrise, "drunken young men who rape a woman at a party can always claim they didn't know what they were doing" (Jacoby 2001, 545).

This means that one must be able to both communicate his feelings to his partner, as well as truly listen to what his partner has to say.

By listening to one's partner, a couple can, "prevent misunderstandings that might otherwise develop into a fight" (UT Counseling and Mental Health Center 2013).

In the words of writer/executive producer Cindy Chupack, it is better to fall for a person you can truly see yourself with, not a fad.

Fads always fade with time, hence being in a serious relationship with someone who would simply be following the "trend" would eventually not meet the extent of your needs.

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To avoid this conflict all together, and avoid the possibilty of rape, female students are advised to stay alert at parties and in certain situations where there is a possibility of sexual assault.

Many students in college will attend a party involving alcohol at one point or another, and when they do so, should be aware of the possible risks.

Alcohol and partying can play a role in aggression, sexual behavior, and incoherence.

Young adults are transformed throughout their years in college into the man or woman they will be in the future.

The new-found freedom they are given in college gives them the ability to live on their own and determine their own rules.Guideline #5: Not everyone needs to be in a relationship.