Christian devotions on dating

16-Apr-2020 00:52

It delivers content via web sites, e-books, and other digital media. Blog Facebook fans 6,431. The enemy wants you to quit but get your faith up, look him in his funky face and let 'em know, 'I didn't come to lose today!

Word Points is a religious publishing company owned by Gary Henry. About Blog A daily devotional to encourage you on the days or nights when you feel like giving up or giving in because neither one is an option! We are far from perfect, but we look to Him who is.

This verse tells us that when we don’t know what the right choice is, we should rely on God’s word for help. It can be the light to show you which path to take.

The key is to spend time in God’s word and get to know what God says.

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God’s word will bring light and help you make the right decision.