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The dating scene is were you can witness the human animal in all its hilarious glory and unglory, like a monthy python sketch, its chock full of humor and plenty of odd moments.

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the intervening span of time between now and following the policeman was something of a dull blur. On the other hand, his youma were still at his sides, and that was something. Come to think of it, so did the rest of the class as well, but several seemed personally offended somehow, particularly the short-haired girl, who looked ready to explode, a young man with braided red hair and dressed in silk, and a girl who seemed to be attempting to pass herself off as male. As I am here for the purpose of cultural studies, however, I humbly request that you treat me as you would any other student."He bowed formally at the waist, garnering a few hushed whispers from the class before the child-teacher glanced over it."I see." She said, plainly doubting the majority, if not all, of his introduction. Most of them were immediately classified as no threat. " He wondered aloud, making Gosunkugi twitch at a specific dropped word. So far, they certainly seemed more restrained than Saotome's usual choice of fare..."They... "Saotome usually confines his depredations to a few specific girls, including..." He let loose a deep, lovelorn sigh "... when in fact he wasn't entirely sure and had no intention of asking if they even had not only those desires but the equipment to fulfil them with.

Though why he was so very intimidated simply by standing in front of a room of near-adults, he had no idea."Aheh... Had language shifted so that his name was an insult of some kind? The one Ranma was sitting next to was examined scrupulously before it was determined that he was definitely a student mage of some sort, albeit with horribly flawed and/or deficient instruction, and so was dubiously and hesitantly labeled a possible threat. All sorts of things that would raise havoc anywhere else, don't even rate a raised eyebrow here. On some subjects, ignorance that, that the instructor just did? I do, however, know enough in theory to recognize and identify some things, especially when they happen right in front of me."Gosunkugi relaxed marginally."Well...

That sort of thing demanded entirely different measures."Forgive me if I've interrupted your vacation, but if you would be so good as to come with me? These particular delights are wrapped around a small piece of fruit, marinaded in an exceptionally sweet wine and floating in a thick, heavy sugar-cream of some sort. "He could already see the students drawing incorrect conclusions about a great number of things, but mainly about his youma's names. Sandstone..." He pointed her out, then swung his finger in the direction of the other. I advise you on this matter for the sake of your health, and appreciate your understanding."He could already see the foolish children dismissing his warning. he'd have to make sure his servants were aware that there would be no killing."Hmm...

" The suddenly painstakingly polite officer"Jadeite. I took the liberty of tasting one for myself, and it's really quite exquisite-"Beryl snapped at that point and lunged, knocking the dark general ass over teakettle as she snatched the large, ludicrously heart-shaped package out of his hands, stage-prop forgotten somewhere on the ground next to her throne."Leave us! Ironically enough, their coloration was exactly opposite what their names would imply... the child-teacher had requested he introduce himself. but if the truth was outrageous enough, why bother? As you have already been informed, my name is Ranma. yes." He could see the child teacher scribble something that looked suspiciously like 'compulsive liar' onto her clipboard before popping a candy into her mouth, and found it privately hilarious, as the fact of the matter was that he was generally scrupulously honest, unless he had some reason not to be. I'm afraid that's the only-""Understood." Sandstone rumbled softly, a voice like cracked stone grinding against itself meaning that she seldom spoke at all, and rarely more than she had to.