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This is also a reason why Cancer won’t have an initial problem with trusting Virgo. This is a tricky side of a relationship for a Cancer and a Virgo partner.The lack of words from Cancer certainly makes room for everything Virgo wants to say, but as signs ruled by the Moon and Mercury, they have a simple conflict of emotion versus logic.The emotional side to Virgo is a deeply feminine side, usually ashamed to show her face, especially if Virgo partner is male.It becomes almost impossible for them to feel something if they are in any way pressured or feel mistrust with their partner.Although Virgo is a mutable sign and they can be pretty hard to follow, they do belong to the element of Earth and will be capable to wait for their Cancer partner to decide whether they will want to join them or not.This is very often a relationship of two people who can manage without each other, so they will not be bound by shared activities as much as some other signs might be.The rational side of Virgo could keep their overall emotional status very low.

As if the fight to keep them afloat among the human race isn’t enough, now they have to deal with a neurotic partner who dismisses them.

As a deeply emotional and the most intelligent sign in the zodiac, one of them values family, love and understanding, and the other intellect, attention to detail and their health.

It is not like they don’t have a meeting point, but it will not be easily found if they both stubbornly keep to their habits and opinions.

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This is why when their topics and their intellectual strengths combine in a right way, and with their emotions to follow, they find an uncharted, new territory in which none of them has ever been.