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You can impress your boss by talking about your work experience.

And if a person opens up to you, that’s when you can talk about where you come from and maybe about your family too.

At the beginning of a relationship the distance between people when talking follows a North American standard.

Keep in mind that Batswana tend to be shy so eye contact may take a while.

Batswana generally don’t mind talking to a person very close to them but they usually keep a distance of about an out-stretched arm from each other.

Distance can be even greater when speaking or dealing with strangers.

A public display of anger is common but is not acceptable, although people tend to show their anger anyway.

Work styles and pace differ between workplaces but it is important to be clean and punctual.

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In the northern part of Botswana when greeting an elderly person you have to kneel down and give them both of your hands if you find them seated.

Generally, Batswana men and women tend to dress conservatively in the workplace, both in summer and in winter.

But dress might be different according to the organization a person is working for; some workplaces are informal and one can wear jeans to work. This form is usually more appropriate for addressing a supervisor and should be used unless told otherwise.

Some ice breaking topics might include enquiring as to where they are from, if they are from a distant village, then you could ask whether they have any relatives close-by (wherever you are).

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If they are well-educated, you can talk about almost anything, especially where they have been educated and where they have travelled.This rule is similar for contact between men and women.