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22-Nov-2020 06:13

If you notice, you can see that files are in ascending order as per time stamp.

If I rename 20190107060526_Add Period Fields To to say 20180107060526_Add Period Fields To Employee, it will shuffle it to the top, because EF Core migrations are ordered based on date. See below, as soon as you change, the file is moved to top. We will see that it will run first, however it will only run once.

I have personally used the END migration to convert created tables to Temporal Tables. Just by changing the value, Visual Studio will reorder them.

You can insert a custom migration in the middle of generated migrations by naming it with a timestamp that is in between.

And it should never be used in a production environment.

This is because rollback has code that is usually dropping a column, or dropping a table. In addition, EF Core migrations don’t support of running a specific migration.

The create Employee migration will now run, but it will fail, because that table does exist in database.

You can use this technique as many times to execute a specific migration without deleting it in __Migration History.Another thing you can do is you can organize files by renaming with a prefix number.

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