Automatic updating charts in excel 2016

30-Sep-2020 10:02

Each chart as well as each data range in Excel is assigned a unique identification number that is used to maintain the link.

The technical requirement for reestablishing a link is that both the Excel file containing the data range and the Power Point file containing the chart are simultaneously open on the same computer, irrespective of the file names.

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Stop updating chart by set as manual calculation Stop updating chart by inserting pivot table If you do not want the formula be manual, you can insert a pivot table based the data range first, and then insert a chart based the pivot table, and when the data range change, the chart cannot update. Select the data range you need, and click Insert Pivot Table. Then in the Create Pivot Table dialog, you can choose whether the pivot table is placed in a new worksheet or in the existing worksheet, here I check New Worksheet. Then click OK, and a pivot table will be inserted in a new sheet.

If you are unsure about the exact layout required, simply insert a new chart of the desired type in Power Point and refer to the layout of its datasheet.

Then select the desired chart type from the menu in Excel’s think-cell toolbar: When you click on this menu item in Excel, the Power Point window is activated.

When the source data for your data-driven charts is available in Excel, you can create charts directly from the Excel application.

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When data in Excel changes, you can either update the charts on command or have think-cell do the update automatically.Any additional text from the Excel data source will be truncated.

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