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10-Nov-2020 11:15

That he can answer all the questions regarding faith biblically.That his church is the only one true church that teaches the word of God and the very elect of Christ.Eventually Eli took reigns of a group and erected his own group. Basically, INC beliefs are a hodge podge of different branches of Christianity.

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Also part of his teachings to his members not to put your money in the bank but instead put in his bank account to help him in propagating the word of God in the world.This person challenge every preacher to a debate but during the debate he always tried to intimidate his opponent. this sect is has always been on fight with Iglesia ni Manalo... [/quote] Its because they are also not Trinitarian. [quote="4Squarebaby, post:10, topic:60739"] Its because they are also not Trinitarian. [/quote] ADD is a religious sect led by Eli Soriano who believes that he is the sent one or so called SUGO by God to preach the Gospel to the world.He is always looking for trouble with the INC headed by Manalo. He believes that he is perfect when it comes to the bible teachings.From what I saw it was some type of protestant denomination in the Philippines. They believe that the bible prophecizes that the true Church will come from far east (which the pervert into meaning the Phillipines) They do this be recklessly combing quotes from various bibles to make them say certain things.

For instance they will combine KJV and Moffat translations in mid scentence to make it fit what they want it to say.They require attendance at their service which the hold twice a week.