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Markey, Grace Meng, Dean Murray, Robert Oaks, Audrey I. The bill now goes to the 150-member Assembly where it has 80 sponsors.

The vote was 22-5 among Senate Republicans (with 3 not voting) and 30-2 among Senate Democrats.

In the Assembly, Republicans supported the bill 21–18; Republicans endorsed by the Conservative party supported the bill 18–16; Democrats supported the bill 81–15.

Democrats endorsed by the Working Families Party supported the bill by 59–11.

A national popular vote compact will make New York relevant, so that we can't be ignored or taken for granted as the candidates instead fight over the few winner-take-all battleground states that historically have decided who is elected president.

In the 21st Century, every vote really should count, and this legislation will help achieve that democratic ideal in a way that respects the Constitution." Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz said, "Only in the world's greatest democracy, the person who receives the most votes for President is not necessarily the winner.

This new measure removed this expiration date and keeps New York on the list of states supporting the National Popular Vote indefinitely.

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Currently, New York is a bystander in Presidential elections, where candidates spend most of the time in battleground states.

The current system artificially divides the country into red, blue, and swing states.

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