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02-Nov-2020 12:55

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Striking a balance between the needs of the most committed and the need to bring in new players is one of the game's ongoing challenges.

Allods, according to Bray, still wants to "become someone's first MMO."Are you playing Allods, readers?

The Allods Team has just announced that a new playable race will be introduced into the game with the next major update; this new race is called the “Aed” and is The Aeds are a highly intelligent race who have an innate understanding of the universe; despite this, they are happy to watch the world without needing to interfere with the other races that share their world.

According to the details released for them, the Aeds are a peaceful race that strive for harmony.

Hardcore players will find three dungeon wings and new bosses including Drakan, a dragon (if you hadn't guessed) perched on top of a tower.

Despite the peaceful nature of the race, they can also take the role of warriors; their warrior class ability provides them with more anger and stability which could make them ferocious fighters.Allods' Pv P has been beefed up with a new 12 vs 12 battleground, Witches' Hollow, and new ship physics that makes astral piracy more immediate with a greater emphasis on twitch skill.The game's player-crewed flying ships turn faster now, and cannons operate more like traditional turrets."Your ship is something you can use as a weapon now" Bray says, "not just something you exist upon." These changes are important for the future of the game, as Allods' next major update will include instanced astral Pv P.

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Also new is the Bard class, a group-focused support caster that mixes crowd control, buffs and healing.

Offering a way to take a break from a game within the game itself is certainly one way to keep players logging in, and Gala Net say that the tropical allod will be available again in the future.