Aimee chan moses chan dating

07-Nov-2019 00:34

” When asked whether Moses had any response to Bernice’s statement, he laughed, “That’s the way I am! Earlier, Bernice posted photos of a coffee bean on her blog, leading others to speculate whether Moses gave her the beans as a gift.

Moses shook his head and denied having contacted Bernice.

Maybe after becoming a mother I had more life experience that was helpful to acting.

Honestly I can do even better." Aimee hoped to be able to try different characters. She said, "I feel it won't be entertaining, but I won't keep it from consideration. Ultimately viewers watch movies for fantasy, anything too realistic would be like a reality show.

Last week at an audience appreciation event when she saw the good response she almost cried.

She also revealed that Carlos Chan Ka Lok earlier after watching the film hug her and cried because the film reminded him of his first girlfriend. She said, "I have known Ka Lok for over ten years, he has never cried in front of me.

) “No I didn’t.” (Edwin Siu Ching Nam claimed that he will not fight over Aimee with you! When it was suggested that Aimee should give the toy to Moses’ mother, Aimee said, “We are not dating.” (Is there anyone pursuing you?

Aimee expressed every time she's out at events, the media asks her the same question and the truth is, there are no such plans. Aimee said she had never gone down the sexy route and wears whatever clothing she likes to wear.Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) attended the thank you event for the film, When Sun Meets Moon (某日某月) on 10th June 2018.