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18-Nov-2020 23:22

About 4000 Ukrainian, Russian and Moroccan women like her come to Lebanon every year to work in Lebanon’s adult entertainment industry, of which the estimated 130 super nightclubs in the country are a staple.Many Lebanese aren’t even aware that prostitution is legal in Lebanon.But in the summer, with Lebanese expatriates back home along with visiting foreign tourists, he says he usually makes more, ranging from ,000 to ,000.With 130 clubs in Lebanon, that is equal to about million in profit for the small sector per year — and that’s only the legitimate revenue. Department of State released a report stating that although prostitution was illegal without a license, Lebanon’s General Security gave “implicit consent” to the trade.“[People] don’t have to go [to the super nightclubs] … If you don’t want to see the sea, don’t go to the beach,” she said, as she recalled a trip to Amsterdam where police were handing out condoms to prostitutes in the streets.Sardouk says she opposes any kind of child prostitution and sex tourism.If they spend two hours with three customers during their free time, and charge 0 per customer, they’re making 0 a day on top of their salary.

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The issue never comes up in either local or national politics, nor is it raised by Islamist groups like Hezbollah, probably because it is well away from their areas of popular support and control. But super nightclub owners say the accusations of human trafficking are unfounded.The owner boasts that 70 of his Lebanese customers have married women from his club.Lebanese General Security even has rules and regulations clarifying how long an artist must be remain outside the country in order to receive residency if she marries a Lebanese client (the rule is one year).Toros Siranossian, a former super nightclub owner who represents the super nightclub industry to the Syndicate of Restaurants and Nightclubs, said super nightclubs are a dirty business, but says “Lebanon is not a church,” and justifies the super nightclub system by comparing it to the rest of the Arab world, where prostitution has no oversight.

“Here in Lebanon we closed the brothels, so now customers go to super nightclub[s] where they can take a woman out the next afternoon,” he said. The most important thing is that the owner of the super nightclub doesn’t sell the woman.” Siranossian said the government tightly regulates the sector, and thus protects the woman.

Still, it appears that circumventing the law is relatively easy.