Accomodating students in

02-Sep-2020 12:25

If one of your students has this accommodation, please honor it without singling out the student or students.Typical reason for this accommodation: students with a slower processing speed or with dysgraphia may find it challenging to keep up with handwritten notes.

For some reason, many teachers will pat the wheelchair user on the head or shoulder.

Teachers and teacher assistants will need to take on a very strong leadership modeling role.

When one models appropriate ways to support students with special needs, other children in the class learn how to be helpful and they learn how to react with empathy versus pity.

It's important to have the background information from parents and outside agencies if at all possible.

The knowledge will better help you to understand the student's needs.

Additionally, students may be using a note-taking application that will convert the recording into a word document.

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