297 underground dating guide only sold to 10 people pdf

17-Oct-2019 05:27

One Ebay seller was auctioning a complete set of pop monthly (February 1964 to September 1971): 'This collection was purchased monthly for my wife and lovingly stored, for her to look back on her teenage years.' He added: 'Individual copies can sell anywhere between £8-£30 so the price I am asking is an average cost per issue of £9.50 (copies that have sold recently, are averaging out at £18 per copy).' A good, square-on picture really does help. If you can't prove a statement yourself, give a source for the quote so people can check it out for themselves.

Don't use sttock pictures or someone else's image - that is not what you are selling. Magforum is regularly quoted on the history or background of a magazine on e Bay, which is fine as long as you credit the source.

Again, I'm very happy for e Bay sellers to quote from Magforum pages - but you should acknowledge this by giving the Magforum page address and ideally adding a link to the page.

Even a copy in mint condition would be unlikely to go for 12 times that. If you have a collection of No doubt you can see ways to improve the search based on the results that you don't want.

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