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It was noteworthy as the first "mainstream" film to carry the dreaded "X" rating, due mostly to the fact that the film featured a major star who had sex throughout the entire movie.Brando and director Bertolucci were both nominated for Oscars in the highly-acclaimed and debated cinematic work - a classic piece of art-house cinema.This ugly scene was intercut with views of 'surprise party' preparations for Mari by her parents John and Estelle Collingwood (Gaylord St. Ironically, in a later scene, the escaped convicts took refuge in the home of the upscale small-town parents, the hospitable Collingwoods - where there was animalistic payback revenge/slaughter of the gang.In grotesque sequences of ultra-violent revenge, the father semi-electrocuted Krug, chipped out his teeth out with a chisel (in a dream sequence) and pursued him with a chainsaw and killed him (off-screen, evidenced by blood splatter). I can come five or six times if you want me to." She sank down to crotch-height, and as he was climaxing, she viciously bit off and dismembered his penis.Their previous secretive and mostly sexual affair was over, but Paul insisted that a new one was beginning, although she wished to break off their relationship and didn't want to see him again. It's kind of a dump, but not completely a flop house. The sheer repulsiveness and infamy of Waters' films (this film was part of a "trash trilogy" composed of Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble (1974), and Desperate Living (1977)), however, made them campy midnight movie hits, and led to more mainstream future successes such as Polyester (1981) and Hairspray (1988).He wanted to resume everything, since he had fallen in love with her: "There's nothing to understand. Then I used to live on my luck and I got married, and my wife killed herself." Their original relationship had lost its anonymity, which she thought had been preferable: "It's better not knowing anything."He chased her back to her mother's Parisian apartment. When this film was re-released in 1997, it was rated NC-17 by the MPAA.

In one disturbing and humiliating scene after they were taken to a woodsy area, blue-wearing Phyllis was forced to urinate with her clothes on ("Piss (in) your pants... Then, they was stripped naked and forced to have oral sex with each other ("Make them make it with each other! The girls went ahead, rationalizing: "lt's just you and me here. Phyllis made a run for it, but was cornered, stabbed in the back by deviant Fred "Weasel" Podowski (Fred Lincoln) and then dis-emboweled (after repeated stabbings) and butchered, after which Sadie reached in and pulled out her gooey intestines to examine them.

She was a proper bourgeois, yet free-spirited female who was engaged to be married, but nonetheless accepted his prurient sexual demands.

Paul's gutter-language and set of 'no questions asked' rules was notable for the time: "We are going to forget everything we knew - everything" - and their relationship became increasingly more vile, slavish, empty, humiliating, and unromantic (i.e., "You know in 15 years, you're going to be playing soccer with your tits. ")The film outraged some viewers for Paul's scatological monologues, a full-body panning shot up Jeanne's body in an elevator, including a full-frontal closeup shot of Jeanne's pubic hair.

The film faced censorship difficulties everywhere, but especially in the UK, where an uncut version of the DVD is still unavailable.

The grainy, hand-held 16 mm footage accentuated the realism and horror without glamorization - and led to intense criticism for its graphic depiction of violence and disquieting, exploitative nature (the film tried to defuse the horror by claiming: "It's only a movie").

This low-budget, crude, taboo-breaking and often revolting 'snuff'-type horror film was Wes Craven's debut feature film and a loose remake of Ingmar Bergman's Oscar-winning The Virgin Spring (1960, Swe.).